2012 Diggin’ Melbourne Map – Download now!

The 2012 edition of  the Diggin’ Melbourne Map is now finally available for download.
Check the VIEW / DOWNLOAD page to get yours. This website also features the STORE GUIDE as simple HTML listing – if you don’t want to download the map right now.


The new 2012 Diggin’ Melbourne Map is bigger and better than our previous editions, and once again features more than 50 listings of Melbourne’s ‘vinyl providores’. A printed version of the map is also available FREE around Melbourne and can be found at record stores, cafes, cinemas, tourism offices and various other dusty locations!


Why Vinyl?

Everyone knows that vinyl is king! It sounds better, feels good and looks great. What’s more – lots of the music we love is still only available in this format, forever sounding as musicians, producers and engineers intended it to sound when conceiving, recording and manufacturing these amazing pieces of art!


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