Sydney Diggin’ site returns

The Diggin’ Sydney website is back online after our hosts kindly deleted our site. They are obviously not fans of vinyl… But enough about that!
If you’re headed for Sydney – here’s all the essential info to make your next trip a nightmare for your girlfriend, unless of coure they too know the virtues of the vinyl. The new Sydney Guide and website cover the CBD, Inner East and Inner West… so at least your girlfriend/partner/wife/children can find something nice to amuse themselves while you do!

Visit Diggin’ Sydney

Thanks to Stephan at The Record Store in Darlinghurst for his efforts in making Diggin’ Sydney a reality. Thanks also to Inertia and all the stores who are participating in the new map.

Diggin’ Tip: I know for a fact you’ve got to get out of bed early to get the good records in Sydney…  don’t sleep.


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